01. Oktober 2019

Since the beginning of the new academic year in September 2019 we opened a third classroom at SUNSHINE PRESCHOOL TAIBATOU.

Now we have 10 more boys and girls in our entrance class (level 1), and they are educated by our voluntary teacher Kaddy Saneh from Taibatou.

In January 2020 we will extend the classroom, so that 15 girls and boys will have a chance to go to (pre-) school.

Thousand thanks to all our supporters and sponsors!

01.February 2019

What we did last season from November 24, 2018 to January 24 2019

  • Coaching-on-the-job with two teachers of SUNSHINE PRESCHOOL TAIBATOU to better perform Systemic Education and practice the English lerning program ‚Jolly Phonics‘.
  • Tearing down a totally spoilt toilet, and construction/building of a new one with a new soakaway for teachers/boys and girls (after ‚Minimum Standards for Preschools‚). For hygiene reasons the walls and the floors were tiled.
  • A pipe for running water was constructed from the overhead-tank of the village to the school building and the toilets, so that there is running water available for all students and teachers: for drinking, washing hands and for the toilet.
The old spoilt toilet
The old, broken soakaway
Starting to dig a new soakaway
The guys of the village are well motivated to help constructing a new toilet for SUNSHINE PRESCHOOL TAIBATOU

The foundations of the new toilet are very precisely designed
We are happy to have a new toilet!

Tiles on the walls and on the floor for hygiene reasons
The teachers have a toilet with water flush

During her stay in The Gambia Claudia painted some signs on the toilet walls, to distinguish the different toilets, as presribed by the Ministry of Education (Minimum Standards for Preschools)

Claudia, when painting the sign for the boys‘ toilet.
Thank you very much for your paintings!

10. May 2018

Meanwhile the treasurer of AT EYE LEVEL, Harald Heinemann, has been in The Gambia again. He had some talkings and negotiations with the young teachers Adama and Ismaila and with the Alkalo of TAIBATOU, Mr. Mahmadou Jallow. They rather soon came to a result, so that AT EYE LEVEL will give – beginning on 1 May 2018 – a monthly stipend to the young teachers, and pay for the visit of the Teachers‘ College in Brikama.

From now on the preschool will be called SUNSHINE PRESCHOOL TAIBATOU.

01. March 2018

A very urgent call for support reached ‚AT EYE LEVEL – Systemic Education in The Gambia‘ out of the village of TAIBATOU, at a distance of about 4 km from Sanyang. There exists a 2-class nursery school beeing visited by 42 children of TAIBATOU. These children are educated by 2 non-certified teachers: a young woman and a young man. As the community is not in the position to pay for the teachers reasonably, they do their educational job since years for free.

AT EYE LEVEL is willing to give financial and methodical support (training on the job).

To clear the conditions the treasurer of AT EYE LEVEL will go once more to The Gambia, and talk to both of the young teachers and to the Alkalo of TAIBATOU.