With the children’s parents we want to practice a trustful relationship as a basis of a long lasting and reliable partnership.

The parents of our children will be invited at least once a year to come to an assembly of parents (preferably in December). The assembly of parents of the SUNSHINE PRESCHOOL TAIBATOU consists of the parents of the students. The assembly selects out of their midst a school comittee for the duration of two (2) years. Each mother and each father in the assembly of parents has one vote.

The assembly of parents gives recommendations and guidelines for the work of the school comittee.

The school comittee consists of 3 persons of which at least two are women.
They are the link between parents, school supervision, teachers, ancillary staff, and AT EYE LEVEL.

The school comittee is involved in designing the preschool and must be heared when processes of the SUNSHINE PRESCHOOL TAIBATOU are to be managed.

At least once a year the school comittee reports to AT EYE LEVEL about their activities, and about special incidents.


Fotos of the school committee will follow …