A preschool needs excellent teachers, because „Happy teachers change the world!“ – Therefore AT EYE LEVEL offers to the teachers of SUNSHINE PRESCHOOL TAIBATOU a didactic and methodical training. From academic year 2018/19 the teachers are accompanied by professional teaching trainers from Germany to develop the best possible methods of teaching preschool students with regard on the Gambian curriculum:

Systemic Education

The teachers of SUNSHINE PRESCHOOL TAIBATOU are called by the charitable organisation of ‚AT EYE LEVEL – Systemic Education in The Gambia’.

Our motto:           –  Invite!  

                                     –  Encourage!  

                                    –  Inspire!

The team of teachers of SUNSHINE PRESCHOOL TAIBATOU has given education for several years to around 40 children in two classes. They have made a good job, although they are not yet certified.

They are as follows:

Adama Jallow                             Ismaila Jallow

Temporary headteacher:       Miss Adama Jallow (left), level 3                   Teacher:                                          Mr. Ismaila Jallow (right), level 1 and 2

After AT EYE LEVEL has invited them to visit the teachers‘ college in Brikama, they both started to do so for three years (during their holidays) since July 2018. Their target is to become  certified teachers, ECDA (Early Childhood Development Association).

Kaddy Sanneh

With start of the new academic year 2019/20 we will get one more teacher, Kaddy Saneh, for class level 1.  She will start as a volunteer, and later on she also will visit the Brikama College to become a certified teacher, ECDA.

Thousand thanks to all donators, who made it possible to sponsor our teachers!

Some teachers teach lessons; our teachers teach children!